23rd Sep 2022

This week we have continued our poetry unit by turning the poem Daddy Fell into the Pond into prose, by studying the subject of the poem and turning it into a story. We then turned our understanding of the poem into group storyboards, exploring imagery and voice used in the poem, whilst also learning about rhyme scheme.

In Numeracy we have been working on using number facts to add and subtract, and inverse operations to find the answer. This helps students to strengthen their mental calculations, as well as applying reasoning skills to their problem solving.

In our Topic lessons this week, we have concentrated on Roman Art, particularly mosaics. The students drew their own and then made a mosaic of a Roman soldier.

For Science the students have continued with their Keeping Healthy unit by learning more about the breathing process and how to keep their lungs healthy.

We finished the week off with a P3 football match! Everyone is beginning to show better ball control and focus on their movement during physical exercise.

16th Sep 2022

We have had a busy but fun 4 day week in P3!

To complete our unit on Michael Foreman’s stories, the students have written their own version of I’ll Take you to Mrs Cole, in which they followed the style and plot of the story. The children have been great at adding their own creative ideas, whilst focusing on some of the key writing techniques and using a range of conjunctions with descriptive language.

In Numeracy, the P3s have extended their knowledge of Place Value to money. As we follow the British curriculum, we also use British currency. This system particularly helps with place value as there are amounts in the hundreds, tens and ones e.g. £9.67. This week students have been reacquainting themselves with British coins, counting amounts and comparing different amounts using greater than and less than symbols.

In Science, we have continued our unit on Keeping Healthy by investigating muscles. The students were super at predicting, investigating and recording which muscles they use during different exercises.

For Art, we took a closer look at Michael Foreman’s illustrations, taking note of how he used watercolours, and particularly how he used different shades of the same colours within his pictures. The students then created their own Michael Foreman style watercolour paintings to brighten up the classroom!

Yesterday, we had another lovely trip to the beach. Please have a look at our photos below.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

9th Sep 2022

It has been all systems go this week in P3!

In Literacy, we have continued our unit on Michael Foreman and have explored direct speech within his stories. The students have done an amazing job writing dialogue of their own, using direct speech punctuation. We have also been expanding our knowledge of using verbs and conjunctions, in preparation for our writing composition next week!

Throughout Numeracy, we have been building on the students’ place value knowledge by learning techniques to add and subtract 1, 10 and 100 to/from 3-digit numbers. Everyone has been fantastic at delving into the world of money and using place value to make, add and subtract different amounts.

In our Keeping Healthy science unit, the students have been learning about what constitutes a healthy meal, and looking at what keeps our bones and skeletal system healthy and strong. Next week, we will have additional homework to keep a ‘food journal’ of the fruit and vegetables eaten by them and their family members. This is to help encourage them to consume their 5 a day.

There was great excitement through the week with our Topic: Ancient Rome! We began with some atlas work to find out where Rome actually is, and then looked at the rise of the Roman Empire and how and where it spread to. We have also read the story of Romulus and Remus to discover how the Roman Empire was supposedly founded.

Hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend and enjoying the holiday!

Our first (full) week in P3

What a fantastic first (full) week we have had in P3!

The week began with some journaling about the summer holidays and numeracy games to help everybody feel settled and comfortable in their new classroom. We then ended with a great trip to the beach to reward the week’s work!

In our Literacy lessons we have been reading I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole by Michael Foreman. The students read the story with suspense and enjoyed how the story would evolve; they were all so eager to continue reading the story and, next week, we will complete our first book review! We will continue to focus on this story in the upcoming weeks, exploring different written techniques and grammar within the book and comparisons with other Michael Foreman books.

Place value has been the main focus in Numeracy this week. The students have been reviewing their understanding of hundreds, tens and ones by placing 3-digit numbers on number lines and comparing different amounts.

We introduced our first Science topic of Keeping Healthy, in which we started looking at how to categorise food into different food groups. Next week we will continue with how to eat a balanced diet.

Looking forward to another exciting week in P3! Well done to all so far for your hard work and effort!


Welcome to P3!

Hello P3 students and families!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation with family and friends.

This year, we are joining together to form one P3 class and our classroom will be in the building downstairs to the school office. I will meet you all in the play area before we walk over.

I am eagerly preparing for your first week in school and cannot wait for you to settle into your new classroom!

See you all tomorrow, Wednesday 24th August!

Mr. Mizban

24th June 2022

Click here for this week’s homework, due on Wednesday 29th June 

It has been a rollercoaster of a week as the P3’s have been celebrating their final week of the year! We have had fun concluding our Ancient Egypt unit by creating our own Farming Calendars with the 3 seasons, as well as creating and filming our group advertisements to promote and advertise our wonderful school!

We have also had a great time swimming at the beach! The children enjoyed every minute of the huge waves, whilst braving the tide and supporting one another. It has been amazing to see how well their confidence has improved since our first swimming lessons at the start of the year.

We have finished the week with a fantastic transition day at the Pui O Campus for their first taste of life in P4. The children have settled in very well with the other students on campus, as well as meeting their new teachers and adjusting to their new surroundings. Not to mention the grand Friday fun finale of Slip n Slide on the playground! We’ll let the pictures do the tab;king for that one!

Finally, the P3 Team just want all of our super students to know how proud we are of them. it has been an amazing year and a pleasure teaching such a great bunch of kids! We wish every one of you all the success in the world  in P4.

Have a great weekend everybody!


17th June 2022

Wow! What a week it has been celebrating STEM Week! We have had a great time exploring, discovering and creating, from Mummifying Apples and Candy Division to building Flower Models and an Oil Spill Challenge! We then finished the week with a visit to the beach to create the Nile River as one big construction group! The P3’s have shown incredible teamwork and cooperation all week.

In Literacy, the students have been revising their learning on conjunctions and using them in a range of sentence types. They are showing great knowledge of how to use a variety of conjunctions, whilst creating grammatically correct sentences with a first and second clause. We have also been exploring Persuasive Writing: Advertising: The students have been comparing and contrasting adverts, showing their knowledge of specific features, whilst also devising their own persuasive ideas. Get ready to create your own adverts next week P3!

In Numeracy, the students have been securing their multiplication and division skills. For example, learning how to use the grid method for multiplication of double numbers, whilst applying their knowledge of partitioning hundreds, tens and ones. They have also been using the ‘chunking’ method on a line to divide double numbers with remainders.

For our Topic lessons next week, we will be continuing our discovery of Ancient Egypt by learning about their Farming Calendar, the difference to our Calendar today, and how their seasons impacted their way of life. We will also be making our own Farming Calendar!

For Science this week, we will be investigating the Life Cycle of Flowering Plants and how insects and other creatures play an important part in the pollination of flowers. We will also be creating some stunning bee and flower models!

Let’s have another fantastic week as we edge closer to the holidays P3!



10th June 2022

Click here for this week’s homework, due Thursday 16th June

We have had an extremely wet two weeks, which means we haven’t been able to have as many outdoor activities as we would have liked, however, we’ve still had a great time learning in theBlog classroom.

In Literacy the students finished their animal poetry unit by writing their very own poems about endangered animals. They wrote some beautiful and meaningful poetry, implementing the techniques they have been learning. This week we moved on to our final Literacy unit of P3, which is Persuasive Writing: Advertising. We have been watching a selection of adverts and looking at poster adverts to identify specific features that are used in order to persuade. If the students are trying out too many of their persuasive techniques at home, please don’t blame us!

In Numeracy the students have been brushing up on their multiplication skills and learning how to apply their understanding of number relationships to larger numbers. This week they have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, using partitioning.
For example: 5 x 42.
5 x 40 = 200
5 x 2 = 10
200 + 10 = 210
They have also been practicing multiplying by 4, by doubling a number twice over.

In our Topic lessons, the students have discovered more about the gruesome mummification process. They also brought home their Egyptian cartouches, on which they wrote their names beautifully using hieroglyphics.

This week we delved into Egyptian mythology with the Egyptian Creation story. The students loved learning all about how the Egyptians believed that Atum (or Ra) started civilisation and the story behind it. They reinforced their understanding by creating a family tree of Egyptian Gods. Hopefully they can all re-tell the story at home!

In Science we came to the end of our plant experiments, so the students have first hand experience and understanding of what plants needy to grow healthily and how lack of sunlight/water/soil affects germination.
The students then had great fun designing and making their very own Space Farms to show their alien friend ‘Zinnia’ how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables successfully. They worked in teams to make their 3D farm models, and created some incredible environments.

Well done P3s! Let’s hope that the sun comes out next week.


27th May 2022

Click here for this week’s homework, due Thursday 2nd June

This week the students have completed their beautiful poetry anthologies, which they have brought home to share with you. They have been using their knowledge of poetic features to compare different poems and have been exploring the effect of adverbs within poems.

To complete our shapes unit, the students have learnt about right angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines. We then moved onto a new number unit, in which the students have used their knowledge of their 5x and 10x tables to count in 50s and 100s. They then quickly applied their knowledge to follow patterns adding 50, such as 26, 76, 126, 176, 226, 276… We are continuing to look for more number patterns over the next week.

In our topic lessons the students have been learning all about ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. They were quickly able to decode some hieroglyphic messages and have even practiced writing their own names. The students have also begun to make their very own clay cartouches, which they will add the finishing touches to next week!

In Science we have continued our unit on plants by learning how to differentiate between fruit and vegetables. The students are all aware that plants need water and have extended that knowledge to discover why each individual part of the plant needs water.

Unfortunately our beach visit was rained off, but we hope to visit next week instead.

Have a great weekend!

20th May 2022

Click here for this week’s homework, due Thursday 26th May

This week we have continued out Literacy unit on Animal Poetry. For the first few days we concentrated on tenses in poetry, specifically looking at past and present progressive (continuous) and present perfect tense. The students have been reading a selection of different animal poems before choosing their favourites to write in their very own poetry anthologies.

The students have become 3D shape experts, understanding the properties of shapes, including faces, edges and vertices, and identifying 3D shapes out of the classroom. We are now learning about angles, with the students practising turns of 90, 180 and 360 degrees.

Our Topic lessons this week have taken us to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The students learned about how the structures evolved and then had a challenge to design and build their very own pyramids using only two materials: toothpicks and clay. The students showed really great teamwork and built some very interesting structures!

Our class plants for the experiment are thriving….well, some of them! The students are enjoying taking care of their group plants and observing the changes. They are already starting to notice the ones that are growing the healthiest (the control with sunlight, soil and water) and have been surprised to see that the seeds with no sunlight have germinated quickly, but certainly don’t have a healthy colour! We’ll continue the experiment before concluding what factors seeds need to germinate healthily.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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