13th Jan 2023

Apologies for the delay with the blog! Here is what has been going on in P3 last week.

The P3s are diving further into the world of Mr Fox and his family in Literacy. The students have been identifying speech and using this to create their own role plays together as characters in the story! It has been great fun rehearsing… with more to come this week! The P3’s have also been practicing their comprehension skills reflecting on the chapters we have read so far and constructing full, detailed sentences to answer the questions.

The P3’s continue to do a great job with their place value and comparing and ordering numbers in Numeracy. The students have been fantastic at partitioning 3-digit numbers and placing them on a line. They have taken their knowledge of place value further by also finding any given 3-digit number and setting questions for each other!

In Science we completed a great Rock Investigation! The students worked well together at comparing and contrasting different sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and testing their properties in different ways.

Our Rainforest Topic is now well underway, with the P3’s working their way through the four layers of the Rainforest.

Check out the photos below!

6th Jan 2023

Happy New Year to all!

It was wonderful welcoming the students back on Tuesday; they were all so excited to see one another and share their news from their Christmas break.

This week we started our new Literacy topic of Classic Fiction, in which we are reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We are only a few chapters into the book, but already the P3s are already fully invested in the story of Mr Fox and his family, and their battle with the three terrible farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean! The students have been studying the vocabulary chosen by Dahl to describe the characters, and then they wrote a letter as their chosen Farmer to the council, focusing on structure and persuasive language. They also created their own beautiful fox artwork!

We began our Numeracy this term with a recap quiz of the learning we have had in the first term. The P3’s also did a great job finishing off their Measurement Unit with understanding and investigating Perimeter of different shapes.

Next week, we will be focusing on place value and comparing and ordering numbers in relation to their value. The students will be placing 3-digit numbers on number lines and experimenting with 3-digit numbers, changing the position of the digits (hundreds, tens, and ones) to see how the value is affected. They will also be working out the best strategies for ordering numbers using their knowledge of place value.

In Science we are looking at Rocks. The students have learnt how to classify rocks as natural or man-made and have also been learning about the three main types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

Well done for a great week back P3!

14th Dec 2022

Welcome to the final blog of 2022! It has been a wonderful week (and a half) packed with lots of fun and events to get the children into festive spirits!

The fun didn’t come without some excellent learning also… In Literacy, the students have completed their final Pompeii reports, using a timeline of facts and exciting language to describe the events. The P3’s have also been superb at ensuring to use all the key features of a newspaper article. Great work everyone!

In Numeracy, we have been exploring mass by using scales to compare different weights of objects in grams and kilograms. The P3s have been great at working together to investigate the weight of different everyday objects we use.

The term finished with a lovely Christmas hike with some nature den building fun! The P3s then indulged in a supersized feast for their Christmas Party, thank you again to all who brought food along to make it an amazing day! Finally, the P3s performed wonderfully at their Christmas Performance, a huge well done to all for their incredible singing!

A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!

See you in 2023!

2nd Dec 2022

We may not have have been able to complete our planned hike due to some very cold weather but that didn’t stop the P3s from having another hardworking and productive week.

In Literacy this week, the students have done a great job at writing a detailed Roman Chariot report, using interesting and exciting language to bring their reports to life! The P3’s have also been planning their own timeline for their Pompeii articles next week. Everyone has been fantastic at writing up a fact chart to use for their final reports.

In Numeracy we have began our unit on measurement. We have been investigating different lengths and comparing and converting units of measurement in cm and mm. Next week, we will be exploring weight, learning about grams and kilograms and measuring and comparing the weight of different objects.

The students are doing a great job with their Christmas performance rehearsals also!  Please ask your child to continue practicing the songs at home in preparation for Friday. Please can I ask parents to provide a Santa hat for their child for Friday’s performance.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

25th Nov 2022

Well done to all the P3 students for working hard on their NFER tests this week! As a well-deserved reward this week, we were going to go to the beach (but the weather has been awful!) so everybody enjoyed an hour of Golden Time where they got to play with their own toys, watch a movie and enjoy some well earned free time time together.

Great job to all!

18th Nov 2022

What an exciting (and terrifying!) day we had on Friday when the campus came under attack from the P3 ROMANS! The soldiers came equipped with their beautifully painted helmets and shields, and conquered the whole of Tong Fuk campus! See the intimidating events in the photos below.

The days leading up to the attack were so busy that we just didn’t see the warriors coming…

In Literacy this week, the students have been learning about adverbs to express time and place and revising the key features of Newspaper Reports, in preparation for our own Roman Chariot reports next week. The P3’s have been great at completing their practice Literacy assessment, taking their time and learning best practice for their assessments next week.

In Numeracy we have continued to explore multiplication and division. We have looked at developing mental strategies, such as multiplying by doubling and dividing by halving. The students have also been great in their practice Numeracy assessment, focusing on taking care and time when working out the problem in question.

We have come to the end of our Science unit on Light, so the students showed us what experts they were in an end of unit quiz. We also managed to squeeze in a mini World Cup football tournament in PE to get everyone in the spirit of the competition!

Well done on another fantastic week P3! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

11th Nov 2022

Welcome back to the P3 blog. It has been another busy and action packed week!

This week in Literacy the students have began their unit on Newspaper Reports by identifying newspaper features and designing their own layout for an article. The students have been looking at tense by reviewing simple past and learning how to use a range of verbs in our writing. The students loved reading our theme story Escape from Pompeii, and everyone did great at explaining what had happened in different scenes from the story, using verbs and the correct tense to explain!

Our unit on Multiplication and Division has continued in Numeracy. This week we have been learning about different strategies to multiply and divide, such as grouping and sharing in order to find the remainder for division. The students improved very well at this as the week progressed, but please ensure revision is taken up at home to review the learning.

In Science the students rounded up our Light and Shadow investigation with an evaluation to our findings. Our Roman Topic lessons have been focused on Roman engineering. We have been looking at the ingenious designs and craftsmanship of Roman aqueducts, bridges and roads. The students also learnt about the style of Roman architecture and even created their very own mini-Roman buildings. Take a look below!

Great work P3s!

4th Nov 2022

Here is our P3 update for the week!

In Literacy, the students finished writing their very own mythical stories, using inspiration from all the Roman myths they have read over the past few weeks. The students have done a fantastic job organising their introduction, build up, problem, resolution and ending to their stories. Next week, we are reading a story about Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which I’m sure the children will absolutely love learning about!

Our Numeracy unit on multiplication has continued. The students have been using their multiplication skills to help them solve division problems. Next week, we will be moving onto doubling 2-digit numbers and partitioning to halve even 2-digit numbers, as well as how to divide with remainders.

Our Science lessons have been particularly exciting this week as the students have used all their understanding of light and shadows to help them create their very own shadow puppet theatres! They have been hard at work preparing performances in their groups.

In our Roman Topic lessons, the students have been learning about how much the Romans have influenced the way we live now. We have explored the Roman calendar and how we still use the same system and months now.

It was lovely to complete our delayed Diwali art today! The children learned about the Diwali celebration and they each made a beautiful rangoli.

Well done for the week everyone!

28th Oct 2022

Well what a fun end to the week! The students had a great time showing off their Halloween costumes on and completing their spooky artwork!

Aside from Halloween, we have had another busy week in P3.
In Literacy, the students read more Roman myths, and explored how conjunctions are used to  join clauses, by looking at examples in the myth of Ceres, and by forming their own two-clause sentences. We have also started to write our very own myths, which we will be editing and improving next week.

We completed our addition and subtraction units and have started a new Numeracy unit on multiplication. Firstly we recapped 2x, 5x and 10x tables, reminding the students of inverse operations e.g. 2 x 5 = 10, so 5 x 2 = 10, which also means that 10 ÷ 5 = 2 and 10 ÷ 2 = 5. This week we are moving onto the 3x and 4x tables, looking for patterns in the sequences to help the students remember the rules.

For Science this week we learned about light, shadow and reflection. The students had great fun decoding some ‘mirror writing’ messages and attempting to write their own. We will be doing some mirror drawings next week, using mirrors on angles. Check out the photos below!

In our Roman topic lessons, the students have completed their shields and are ready to march! Next week, we move onto a new skill of using Roman numerals.

Happy Halloween to all!

14th Oct 2022

It was great to wave the students off for a well earned break from school this week! I hope everyone is feeling excited and ready for their half term break.

Our Roman Myths topic has continued with the students recapping their knowledge of Romulus and Remus, whilst hearing a new version of the story. The students showed off their amazing memories by comparing and contrasting the versions and discussing how myths can change. We then looked at direct speech again and practiced writing conversations between Romulus and Remus. The students remembered the characters’ personalities well and were able to write relevant (and hilarious!) conversations for the two brothers. They then read a new myth The Oak and the Linden Tree, which teaches the importance of kindness. The students were great at exploring and discussing the meaning behind the story.

In Numeracy we have continued to teach the children different strategies to help them add and subtract. This week we have focused on number bonds to 100 and addition of 1 & 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers using the partitioning of H T O values, adding in the correct order and recombining for the final answer.

This week’s Roman topic lessons have been particularly fun as we have began the long awaited lessons on the Roman Army….which means our Roman shields are in full swing! The class has started to paint their shields and will be ready to join forces and march around the school grounds together very soon!

Have a great week everyone!

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