22nd September 2023

The P3’s are having a great time exploring poetic language in Literacy. We all enjoyed reading poems such as Daddy Fell Into The Pond by Alfred Noyes and Lone Dog by Irene McLoud. The students have written some hilarious and catchy snake chants of their own, as well as looking at how nouns can be turned into noun phrases by adding determiners and adjectives. The students are looking forward to writing up their own animal profiles for their final poetry creations!

In Numeracy we are focusing on using number facts to add/subtract, as well as strategies to improve mental addition and subtraction. We have looked at number facts and how they can help with larger numbers. The P3’s have been great at refreshing their ‘partitioning to add’ knowledge to tackle tricky questions!

In the world of Ancient Rome, we have written up our own job applications… stay tuned for successful applicants and which job we will all get. Well done to everyone in Science by considering the muscles they use for exercise and keeping healthy. Make sure to always keep exercising and eating healthy at home!

In Art, we explored Michael Foreman Illustrations, where the P3’s were able to create their own watercolour painting by mixing and using different shades of similar colours, in the style of Michael Foreman. Now our classroom looks like a bright and beautiful sunrise!

We finished off the hardworking week with a P1-P3 trip to the beach!

15th September 2023

We have been unfortunate that a bug has been circulating in school in recent weeks and there have been many absences. I wish those of us who have fallen ill a swift and healthy return to school.

Well done to the P3’s for completing their versions of story writing this week. We have now started a new poetry unit in Literacy. The students really enjoyed reading The Bug Chant by Tony Mitton and we will be writing our very own snake chants next week. The P3’s have shown great promise with consideration of rhythm and rhyme in our recital practice. For extra Seesaw homework, the students have been asked to record themselves reading the poem, so you should all get chance to hear it! We will also be looking at how nouns can be turned into noun phrases by adding determiners and adjectives e.g. dog becomes the cute brown dog. We will also be exploring a new poem Daddy Fell into the Pond by Alfred Noyes, which causes great amusement in class.

We have moved on to a new unit in Numeracy this week. This unit focuses on using number facts to add/subtract, as well as strategies to improve mental addition and subtraction. We have looked at number facts and how they can help with larger numbers e.g. 3 + 4 = 7 therefore 83 + 4 = 87. By reinforcing number bonds to 20, the students will improve their proficiency with adding and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers.

In this week’s Science, we continued our Keeping Healthy theme by learning about muscles and how they work as a team with our bones in our musculoskeletal system. Everyone had fun with our outdoor exercise investigation into how muscles work and building our awareness of which muscles we use for different movements.

Our Ancient Rome Topic lessons continue to thrill and shock us all! This week we have looked at Roman society and how it was separated into three different classes of people: patricians (wealthy and powerful upper class) plebeians (regular working class citizens) and slaves. Next week, we will be looking at Roman jobs, the duties undertaken in each position and the qualities required to be successful in each job.

We are also planning to have our first beach morning on Friday 22nd September (the weather is finally being our friend!) and I will confirm this with you closer to the time.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Friday 8th September 2023

We’ve come to the end of another (shorter) but fun-filled week in P3! I hope everyone has stayed safe and dry in the disastrous flooding across the city!

To continue with our unit on Michael Foreman’s stories, the students are well into writing their own version of I’ll Take you to Mrs Cole, in which they followed the style and plot of the story, adding their own creative ideas. We are focusing on conjunctions, powerful verbs, as well as the structure of a beginning, middle and end to a story.

In Numeracy the P3s have extended their knowledge of Place Value to money. As we follow the British curriculum, we also use British currency. This system particularly helps with place value as there are amounts in the hundreds, tens and ones e.g. £8.79. This week students have been reacquainting themselves with British coins, counting amounts and comparing different amounts.

In Science, we have continued our unit on Keeping Healthy by investigating bones. The students completed their skeleton flap sheets with all the main bones labeled beneath. We then finished with a fun quiz to consolidate our knowledge.

For our Art lesson we took a closer look at Michael Foreman’s illustrations, taking note of how he used watercolours, and particularly how he used different shades of the same colours within his pictures. The students then created their own Michael Foreman style watercolour paintings, which will certainly brighten up the classroom!

Well done to all and see you on Monday.


Our first full week in P3!

It has been a great first full week in P3! All the students have settled in brilliantly to their new surroundings and I am very proud of the start everybody has made.

In our Literacy lessons we have been reading I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole by Michael Foreman. The students read the story with enjoyment and suspense whilst participating superbly in regards to how the story would evolve. We studied prediction and making inference to both text and illustration in the story, as well as using and punctuating dialogue, which is in our homework this week. We will continue to focus on more stories in the upcoming weeks, exploring different written techniques, grammar and comparisons with other Michael Foreman books.

Place value has been the main focus in Numeracy. The students have been reviewing their understanding of hundreds, tens and ones by placing 3-digit numbers on number lines and comparing different amounts. We then moved on to adding to create a 3-digit number using place value, and adding/subtracting 1, 10 or 100 to any 3-digit number. This is also in our weekly homework.

We introduced our first Science topic of Keeping Healthy, in which we started looking at how to categorise food into different food groups. Next week we will continue with how to eat a balanced diet. In Topic, we have begun our learning about Ancient Rome with a fun and exciting introduction, as well as the origin story of Romulus and Remus. The children were in awe of how the Roman Empire expanded and the means in which it was achieved.

Great job to all and I am looking forward to another hardworking and exciting week in P3. Well done to all so far for your hard work and effort!

A to Z of P3

Dear Parents,

Please find below the name and contact details for your child’s P3 class teacher in the coming academic year of 2023/2024.

We know this is a lot to take in, but we want you to have this information on hand for reference. Term 1 is always a time to settle in and get into routines so we have time to integrate together!

The P3 Teacher                                                       

Mr. Adam Mizban                                      adam@lis.edu.hk



If your child is sick and cannot attend the school, please inform the office (2980 3676 or admin@lis.edu.hk). If a child is sick during the school day, we will call to arrange for someone to collect your child. Please ensure that you don’t send your child with medicine, as the school takesno responsibility for the administering of the medicine. Also, please remember, absences are recorded on your child’s school report.


During the nice weather we like to take the children to the beach for their PE lessons. This is an experience unique to school life at LIS and one that the children really enjoy. If we choose to go to the beach, we usually go on a Friday so please ensure you pack a pair of beach shoes, your child’s hat, insect repellent and plenty of water.It would also be a good idea to apply sunscreen to your child before they leave for school. We will notify you beforehand if we plan to take the children to the beach for a prolonged period of time, so please look out for emails.


Birthdays are low-key affairs in school. Parents can arrange for individual cakes/snacks to be brought in to share with the class, if you wish.


Please give your child the best start by giving them breakfast before they set off for school in the morning.


If your child gets the school bus and requires a change of bus stop or is being collected at school for whatever reason, the school office must be informed before 12.00(noon) so that the bus lists can be updated.


Your child’s class teacher’s e-mail is above in case you have any questions. You can also call our school office if you need to speak to a teacher during class time, a message will be sent to your teacher and he will return your call as soon as possible.


Please do not send in fizzy drinks etc.  We advise that a child brings in a clearly marked water bottle. Bottles can be re-filled at school.


Children will be expected to follow the L.I.S school rules and behave in an acceptable manner towards both students and teaching staff.  In P3, we will also be training the students to accept responsibility for their own learning, routines and personal possessions. You can support them at home too!

F- Folders

Each student will receive an A3 zip folder for keeping all school reading books and folders. Should the folder be damaged or lost you will need to replace it. Please ensure the student handbook is in the folder at all times. Your child is responsible for bringing it to school every day. The folder will have a sticker with reminders of what should be sent to school each day.


Please send your child to school with appropriate shoes. Children are not permitted to wear flip-flop or other open- style shoes at school.

F-First Aid

Parents will be informed of any serious accident as soon as possible.  The class teacher will deal with cuts and grazes.

G-Good work

Children are rewarded for their hard work during Friday’s whole school assembly. A child is handed out a certificate if they have excelled in any area during the week.


Hard copy homework will be sent home every Friday, the children should complete the tasks in their homework file and return it to school the following Thursday.  Please try to encourage your child to complete the work independently, however if theyarestruggling please take this opportunity to support them so they can then complete the homework by themselves.


We live by the rule: No hat, no play!  Please ensure that there is a hat in your child’s bag every day as they will not be permitted to play without one. We do our best to keep our eyes on hats, but losses do happen.  Please remind your child to look after their hat and ensure that their name is clearly marked inside the hat.  New and secondhand hats are available at the office.


Each child will be given a yellow L.I.S handbook.  This is used as another method of communication with your teacher alongside e-mail.  If you have a message for your child’s teacher, please keep it open to that page and make your child aware there is a message to be seen by the teacher.

H – Holidays

We understand that sometimes you must take your children out of school, but it is school policy that schoolwork is that, work at school.  The management prefers the students not to have vacation during the term, but if you choose to take your child out then missed curriculum is at the parent’s cost, not the teachers’.


P3 is the age when they want to gain independence from their parents.  It’s a difficult transition period, but please try and help your child by supporting them with giving them roles and responsibilities to develop their confidence.

I- Information

Regular class information and pictures can be found on the class blog

https://lisp3blog.edublogs.org/.  Other notes regarding special events etc will be emailed to you directly. Please ensure you check your email so that they are not missed.


Lunchtime is 1 hour long. We encourage children to finish eating within 20 minutes, so they can play for the remaining time. Packed lunches are stored in school bags, which hang on hooks outside the classroom. There is no refrigeration or heating available, please be aware of this, when making your child’s lunch. You may want to add an ice pack to your child’s lunch box to stop food from spoiling during hot days!

L- Library

Every Wednesday we have our library time. You may consider the book too hard or too easy, but we are trying to foster a sense of enjoyment from books. If you see that it is too hard, you may want to read the book with them. Books should be returned and exchanged every Wednesday.


Children are continually assessed throughout the year.  These assessments can be discussed with the class teacher during Parent-Teacher consultation days.  Please do not ask where your child is in the class as we look at each child’s progress independently.

P – P.E

P.E. will take place every Tuesday and Friday PM in P3. Please ensure your child comes to school on these days in full P.E. uniform, with appropriate footwear for sport and exercise. It is also advised to apply or provide your child with insect repellent on these days as we will be spending time outdoors.

P – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

It is great if your child can share their stories from school, but sometimes a story can raise concerns.A tip given by Dr. Michael Thompson to help parents is to ask,“Do you want mummy and daddy to do anything or are you just sharing with us?” This prompt will help you and your child navigate the world of friendships, boundaries and social norms.


If you have any questions regarding administrative issues please contact our school office on 2980 3676.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please contact your class teacher by email or using the handbook.


Children should always bring a hat and lightweight raincoat to school.  On rainy days, a change of socks is also recommended! For Black and Red rainstorms please consult the yellow handbook for details.

R- Read Every Day (R. E. D.) Folder

Students take home their R.E.D. folder on a daily basis.  Please remember to READ EVERY DAY with your child at home. Time will be allocated in class for them to change their readers, if they have finished reading them at home.Please supervise your child’s reading as it is important for you to be part of this learning process with them. Check their comprehension by asking questions about the text. It is also useful for you to read passages to your child so that they can hear the correct rhythm, pace and intonation. As they progress in their reading, they may be reading sections of the same book over several days.

S- Snacks

Snacks should be light and healthy, for example vegetables or fruit. Please note, chips, candy or chocolate are not acceptable snacks.

S- Spelling

Spelling words are sent home on a Friday and tested the following Thursday.  The more the students practice, the more confident they become in their ability. As we follow the British Curriculum, spellings will be in British English.

T-Travel sickness

The journey to school can be difficult especially for a child who gets travelsick. Please help your child by giving them breakfast early in the morning and not leaving so late for the bus that you have to run! If you are worried about the possibility of sickness please inform the teacher on duty and help us by packing a change of clothing in a plastic bag in your child’s schoolbag.


Full uniform must be worn. P.E uniform must be worn on P.E days (Tuesdays and Fridays) along with the appropriate footwear.  If there is a problem regarding uniform please write and inform the class teacher in the handbook.  Long hair should be tied back and no jewellery should be worn.

V- Valuables

Kindly note that no valuables e.g.: phone, expensive toys, games (of any kind) or money are permitted at school.

W – Website

P3 has its own class blog: https://lisp3blog.edublogs.org/.  Please refer to it regularly as it will give an insight into the P3 classrooms.


Our school is set in a rural area.  Please be aware that your child may come across lots of bugs, lizards and other interesting wildlife!  Our policy is that we care for our local environment and we share it with the local wildlife.  The golden rule is to look, but don’t touch.  By sticking to this we won’t hurt the animals and hopefully they won’t hurt us!


Please remember that your child will probably be very tired in the first few weeks. For a child aged 6-13 years old the recommended sleep is 9 -11 hours per night.  A good night’s sleep before they start school really helps them to get through the school day!

Welcome to P3!

Hello P3 students and families!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation with family and friends. The students have made a fantastic start to the academic year already and it is great to see them so comfortable and happy in their new learning environment.

This year, we have joined together to form one P3 class and our classroom will be in the building downstairs to the school office.

I will upload the A-Z of P3 in a seperate page for you to refer to at your convenience but if you have any further questions please let me know.

Welcome to P3!

Mr. Mizban

Farewell P3 and Happy Holidays!

Well what a year it has been! And not a single covid interruption throughout!

I would like to take an opportunity just to say how proud I am of each and every one of the P3 students this year. Every single child has had such a positive attitude and an energetic approach all year long and that is what has made it such a great one. Thank you to all parents and guardians who have helped to make it such a happy and successful year for everybody.

We finished the final week celebrating our time together before saying goodbye. We had the P4 transition day prior to that, where the P3s all had a great day experiencing what life will be like at the Pui O Campus. We then had the grand finale of our P3 End of Year Party, our last beach trip together and an all school talent show on the final day. Please check out the photos below.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe summer whatever your plans may be. The very best of luck to all parents and children who are moving on after the summer, and to all who are returning to L.I.S in August, see you soon!

Happy Holidays!

STEAM Week and the P3 Class Trip!

It has been ‘the best STEAM week ever’ according to many! The P3’s have had a brilliant week learning and developing their skills whilst enhancing their knowledge of awareness and nature.

We kicked off the week with 3-D Model Pyramid building, using clay and toothpicks, to craft our own pyramid designs. It was great to see the students practice trial and error as the models would rise or crumble, enabling thought towards stress and fatigue of building structure.

We had some ‘sweet’ fun with Numeracy, diving into ‘Candy Division’, where the children would have to use on the spot mental division skills to choose which table of candy they would get the most from!

Next, we had the ‘Butterfly Lady’ visit, where the students could learn about migration and the importance of insects in our ecosystem. The students were able to handle larvae and actual butterflies before tagging and releasing them back into the wild.

‘Mummifying Apples’ like the Ancient Egyptians with their pharaohs was our next project. The children got firsthand experience of what it was like to preserve their apple using salt and baking soda, and to report on our findings a week later in comparison to a non preserved apple. Great fun!

We ended the week with our P3 Trip to ‘Craft Junk Garden’ in Mui Wo. It was amazing to watch the children create stepping stones, dig, rake, plant and play together in a natural environment outside of school.

Check out the photos below!

P3 Update – End of April / NFER

It has been all systems go since returning back from the Easter break for P3!  The students have completed ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King Smith and have been fantastic at writing up their own accounts from different character’s points of view, as well as writing up their own scripts and performing role plays with their peers in front of the class audience. The clay hedgehogs everyone made are awesome as well! We will be moving on to Animal Poetry after next week’s exams, focusing on description, expanded noun phrases and adverbs before writing their own endangered animal poems.

The P3’s have been great at reviewing their knowledge of Fractions since returning from Easter, especially with fractions as numbers and adding/subtracting fractions with the same denominator. After the NFER tests, we will move onto classification of 2-D Shapes and investigating their symmetrical properties.

In Topic, the P3’s love our new Ancient Egypt Topic (minus some of the more gruesome details!) We have been exploring the geography of Egypt and the importance of the River Nile, as well as learning about the Pharaohs and the timeline between them all. We have moved onto Plants in Science and discovering the different function each part plays in its lifecycle. After the tests, we will be conducting our own practical to see how plants grow in different environments.

We finished the week with a fun trip to the beach where the P3’s all worked together to recreate Egypt in the sand!

Good Luck to everyone with the exams next week, and remember, just try your best!

24th March 2023 – Book Week!

Thank you to everyone for helping to make Book Week a fun and successful week! The P3s had a great time every day with the activities in school and working together to achieve our 100 book target!

In Literacy, the students have moved onto their final unit of the term – Performance Poetry and exploring their features. We have been identifying conjunctions to explain Time and Cause, as well as identifying negative prefixes to understand informal language and rhyme. The students have been fantastic at performing their own poetry in front of the class! Next week, we will be writing and performing our own creations!

The P3’s have been busy with Fractions in Numeracy, including finding ½, ¼, ¾, 1/3, and 2/3’s of amounts. The students have been developing their knowledge on the concept of fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts and unit/non unit fractions using division. Next week, we will be moving onto Time, using both analogue and digital, starting with o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour.

In Topic, the students are continuing their Rainforest journey learning about Save The Rainforest and human and natural causes, including Deforestation. I have been impressed with the thinking the children have shown in class, and we have had some fantastic and insightful discussions. In Science, we are having a great time investigating Magnets and Forces, next week we will explore how magnets have 2 poles and that same poles repel whilst opposite poles attract, learning that the world itself is a giant magnet!

Check out the photos below!

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